Experienced Legaltech Writer & Content Marketer

Ridwan Sharomi has been a tech-enthusiast of many years. My first and crappy android smartphone led me into exploring the world of custom roms, leveraging developer tools and geeky codes on XDA to improve its interface and add more functionalities. This speaks volume about my drive for smashing the norm.

My legal educational background laid at the Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, gave me the necessary exposure into the theoretical workings of law and the legal profession.

Having worked as a law firm paralegal, I’ve gained a practical understanding of the legal profession including law firms’ tech purchase decision-making, courtroom operation realities, law firm client relationship management, legal contract and document drafting, and overall legal practice management

On the content marketing side, my interest for legal writing moved me into unilateally working on the digital marketing initiatives of the law firms I’ve worked with by creating blog posts and articles, brochure contents, as well as social media posts and designs.

All these experiences make me your best bet to marketing to your targeted legaltech audience with industry-specific, short and long-form content that hit the bull’s eye.

My Legal Innovation Vision

As a tech enthusiast, I envision a future where legaltech achieves  wider adoption and usage across the globe, and legal innovation attains a must-have everyday tool status.

With the potent power of content marketing, I hope to: